The Search Process

You undoubtedly desire to fill key positions with the most competent people available. Sourcing these unique individuals can be extremely difficult and sensitive. A company simply must have the right people to stay competitive.

Locating exceptional candidates requires considerable knowledge, a thorough and systematic process and a great deal of work to bring the search to a successful conclusion. L. Robinson Placement Services Inc. (LRPS) is committed to that success.

Following discussions with company hiring officials to define the exact requirements, both technical and personal, a candidate profile and position profile are developed. This information forms the basis of the search and serves as a reference for the evaluation of candidates.

The Search


A thorough research effort is conducted using our database, client competitor information, personal industry sources and confidential referrals to uncover potential candidates.

Candidate Contact

Once potential candidates are identified, recruiting contact is made on a personal, direct and highly confidential basis. We now become the spokesperson for you and must represent you in the professional manner that you would represent yourself. We present your company objectives, as well as the position opportunities, responsibilities and potentials. At the same time, we examine the candidate's basic qualifications, career goals, strengths and weaknesses as well as reasons for considering a new opportunity.


Once evaluated, only the qualified candidates are presented for your consideration. We then assist you in scheduling and monitoring the interview process with your management team.

The Hire

While you are the lone decision-maker regarding the most suitable candidate, we can assist you during this critical phase. Our Reference Checks with superiors, associates and subordinates can provide you with helpful information in making your decision. We effectively operate as a middleman providing assistance in negotiations of a final offer, discussing the terms of salary, relocation and benefits. We also assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning his/her current position and what to expect, including pre-counteroffer discusssions. This ensures the successful transition into a new long lasting relationship. Upon offer and acceptance, we maintain contact with the candidate and you, up to and until starting. Additional follow-ups will be on a regular basis to ensure client and candidate are mutually satisfied and communication is maintained.



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